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Faire-Therm Kids Eco Outerwear

Kids’ Splash Magic Rain Coat

Kids’ Splash Magic Rain Coat

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☔️ Kids’ Splash Magic Rain Jacket ☔️

When the raincoat gets wet, a “secret” pattern
appears, disappearing once again when dry.
Choose from lavender, blue, iced aqua, green, and lava & rainbow tie dye! Ships to us from CA.

WHAT makes these better than the rest??

-Provides extra protection from 💨 and 🌧 with:
⭐️ a breathable mesh liner
⭐️ elastic wrist cuffs with thumb holes
⭐️ a neck-protecting extended collar
⭐️ a contoured, adjustable cinch hood
⭐️ fleece-lined pockets

-Durable and eco-friendly
⭐️ washing machine and dryer-safe!
⭐️ made from sustainable, ♻️ fabric
⭐️ packaged in compostable materials

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