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Ladies’ Checkered Tote

Ladies’ Checkered Tote

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Our Ladies’ PU Vegan Leather Checkered Tote offers just the right amount of space without weighing you down. Fit a tablet, phone, keys, wallet, and more! What goes into our best-selling medium-sized tote? Here it is by the numbers:

  • Two pieces of fine, vegan leather for the body
  • Two ways to carry: with the top handles or the detachable shoulder strap
  • One exterior pocket for those things you gotta grab fast
  • One interior side zip pocket to keep your keys, phone and wallet at the ready
  • 24: the number of hours in a day that this bag looks cool
  • How often you'll reach for it? 500 gazillion times

Please allow ten additional days for shipment to arrive to us in FL. Inventory re-stock arrives December 19th.



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