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Ladies’ Shruggs in Noir

Ladies’ Shruggs in Noir

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Our ladies’ Shruggs offer the same luxurious comfort and style you see with other popular brands, at a fraction of the cost and without compromising your ethical values! A truly timeless slip-on boot, this cold-weather icon is a must for any outfit facing the after-shock of elemental exposure, including those cute Christmas Leggings and oversized sweaters you just HAVE to have for your next snow-in! 

  • Christmas leggings ✔️ 
  • Oversized sweater ✔️ 
  • Alexander and Fitz Shruggs ✔️
  • Watching a wintery wonderland sitting fireside ✔️ 
  • Popcorn, Cider, and S’mores ✔️ ✔️ 

Designed with the active, fashion-forward adventurer in mind, and using newly-trending Gorpcore technology, our Shruggs provide functionality, warmth, AND style with a slip-resistant rubber outsole, FAUX fur lining and a suedette outer finish. We just know you’re going to love these and can’t wait to see you rocking them fireside! Please allow 10 additional shipping days for this pre-order.

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