Steve met Kristy In 2011, and it was love at first sight, or so she tells him. They made it official less than a year later, and started a family in 2016 with Alexander's birth. In 2019, they welcomed Parker Fitzgerald "Fitz" to the crazy, completing their family of four (six counting the fur babies!)

In 2020, Fitz was diagnosed with autism, and in 2021, with Fragile X. Despite already living a fairly adventurous life, Steve and Kristy decided to make their lives the adventure, traveling the world in 2022 while preparing to move on-board a catamaran in 2023 to give their boys a unique and personalized education, simultaneously living their best life.

All personally-tested apparel available here reflects their adventures and experiences. Join them in their journey and experience for yourself the adventure of a lifetime!

Steve and Kristy co-founded Alexander and Fitz in 2021. By day, Steve is a traveling ER nurse and the business’ finances. Kristy is an almost-retired Army Officer and manages Alexander and Fitz's day-to-day operations and marketing. Alexander and Fitz are the kids' line product testers and are the Company's two primary models.

Our style aligns with anyone who appreciates adventures, as a spectator or as an active participant. Each item sold here reflects an adventure the family has experienced throughout their time traveling around the world. You'll frequently see Steve, Kristy, Alexander and Fitz sporting items sold here, on their Instagram accounts (@justkeighleigh, @greysky4l, @theswimmingkid and @thebeachbum) or the family's YouTube channel.