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Our Story | Alexander and Fitz

In 2011, I met my now-husband, Steve, and it was love at first sight, or so I tell him. We made it official less than a year later and started a family in 2016 with our son Alexander’s birth. In 2019, we welcomed Parker Fitzgerald “Fitz” to the crazy, completing our family of four (seven, counting the fur babies!).

As we traveled and our family grew, however, we began to experience unexplained challenges that we’d not anticipated nor were we prepared for. New people, new places, and new experiences were no longer an adventure; they’d become stressful and painful for our youngest. As it happened, in 2020, Fitz was diagnosed with Autism, in 2021, with Fragile X, and in 2023, with Myofibrillar Desminopathy. Despite the challenges we knew lie ahead, we began adjusting our adventures to account for and accommodate these changes.

Most importantly, we decided to make our lives the adventure, traveling the world to give our boys a unique and personalized education, simultaneously living their best lives.

Along the way, however, we’ve experienced a very real and now-personal problem: the supply and availability of neurodivergent-inclusive apparel, the very things we need to make our adventures a (successful) reality, are largely non-existent. But at Alexander and Fitz, we believe EVERYONE should be able to live their best lives with the opportunity to experience epic adventures along the way. Something as simple as clothing shouldn’t get in the way of that - and we aim to be a part of that solution.

Thank you for being a part of the change and joining our adventure as we learn and grow as a family and a business!

Alexander and Fitz