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Ladies’ Summer Crochet Maxi

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This beautiful maxi dress is a simple, yet stunning go-to for a relaxing evening out. Picture it with us: you’re sitting waterside, a golden tan glowing from your skin complementing the flowing white halter dress you’ve picked for the night. The dress’ light-weight (but not sheer) material and intricately crocheted top allows the gentle breeze to cool you from the day’s heat. Off in the harbor, a pod of dolphins swim by, their fins gracefully skimming the surface. Cocktail in hand, you think, “what could be better?” And at that moment, with a flash of burning oranges, reds, purples and blues, the sun sets, and you are left to revel in the day’s adventures.

Just like this dress, these moments are one of a kind and will stand out in your mind for years to come. Don’t miss your opportunity to own this unique, beautiful dress! 100% polyester, no stretch. We recommend sizing up if you are bustier. This is a final sale item.