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Ladies’ Summer Sorbet Ombré Maxi

Ladies’ Summer Sorbet Ombré Maxi

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Hands down, one of my most favorite items in my closet. This ombre tie-dye dress features a V-neckline, pockets, adjustable straps, a tie at the back for an adjustable tightness in the chest, and an elegant, flowing fit. There is no padding in the bust line.

Do not make the mistake I made and wash or dry this as normal! Hand wash in cold water only, and let air dry. If you wash in warm water the colors may fade, and if you dry in the machine it will shrink. And nobody’s got time for that. So, now I own two of these beautiful dresses. Anyone need an XS?

Outer portion and lining are 100% Polyester. 



Care Guide

Wash alone or with other similar colors or tie-dyed items. Wash using the cool or cold water setting with mild, color-safe detergent. This will help prevent excess dye from staining your other clothes. When you’re done, rinse under running water and make sure the water runs clear. This indicates that all loose dye has been rinsed. Line or air dry.

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